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"The Church That God Will Use"

The church that God will use is a church that is deeply committed to His Word. A church that desires to grow deeper in its understanding and love for Scripture. A church that is not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, and knows that it truly is the power of God for all those who believe. A church that will boldly proclaim not only the uncompromising truths, but also the life-giving promises found in the living Word of God.

The church that God will use is a church that is radically generous. A church that believes that the greatest among us is the servant of all. A church that shares the love of Christ with the community around it by loving and caring for people in a way that points people to the Gospel. A church that is willing to count the cost and give all that they have to accomplish the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.

The church that God will use is a church that is a family of diverse people from every generation, every race, every social and economic status, and every walk of life who are united in love for one another by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. A church where our identity is found in Christ and not our background. A church where people feel at home no matter where they come from, and where people are loved and accepted as they are.

The church that God will use is a church that is marked by the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. A church where people recognize that they are wholly and totally dependent on God. A church where prayer is not just a spiritual discipline, but a way of life. A church where lives are radically changed through the transforming work of God. A church where there is an expectation for God’s divine presence and glory to be experienced every time we gather.

The church that God will use is a church where people who are far from God can enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. A church where the truth of mankind’s sin and separation from God is met by the glorious promise that Christ died for our sins and through Him we can have life. A church where people are constantly blown away by that truth, and can’t wait to share it with others not only in our community, but around the world. A church that celebrates with heaven every time a soul is saved.

I believe we can be that church, and I believe that God has great plans for Orlando Baptist Church. I believe He will do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ask or think.

I am excited for the days ahead!

Dustin Janney